My Stuttering Life

Pedro's Super Power is LOVE! Listen & learn it!

Pedro never ceases to amaze me in his preparation, his focus and his potent, powerful prose! Pedro gives us more by recording his podcast and YouTube channel separately! Pedro's strength is love--it's pouring out him with every word and every response to every comment to his viewers/listeners!

Anybody can learn from Pedro---not just people who stutter. There is something here for people of all ages and walks of life. Sometimes we forget that we are all just human and we all want the same thing--to connect with other humans. Pedro reminds us of the fact that we all have a need to be loved & that we are ALL deserving of love and the things we want in life--we just have to go get them! Go say "I appreciate you" to him on social media! You are worth it!
Love, Liberty V Justice

Sept. 1, 2018 by Liberty V Justice on Apple Podcasts

My Stuttering Life