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So inspiring 🙏

All those stories are so inspiring. Pedro does a great job creating a safe space for his guests! Keep going 🚀

Inspirational and engaging

Host is very inspiring and engaging. Great content, masterful storyteller.

Pedro is a HERO!!!

The sheer bravery required to start a podcast and put yourself out there, to open yourself to the court of public opinion is immense for the average person. For Pedro, he had to turn up his bravery to 10 million to do what the average podcaster takes for granted. Through his bravery, he shares his …

Highly recommend. Thank you for this podcast!

Pedro, you are a gem. I have just discovered your podcast, so I have a lot to catch up on! I am a parent of a PWS, my son Daniel, who is 9. We listen to some of your episodes together. Your insight, candor and upbeat attitude are so wonderful and eye opening! I look forward to hearing more from y…

Love this!

I love how positive Pedro is! Will add this podcast to my usual rotation

So interesting

Really engaging

Awesome Show

Great stuff and Pedro brings it every episode!

Rare Find!

This is a rare find! I found this podcast when I was researching stuttering for a school project. I learned so much about stuttering through Pedro’s great storytelling, wisdom, humor, and raw commentary. He uses excellent examples to describe different scenarios that helped me put myself in his p…

A Must Listen - Here's Why

If you are looking for an honest, emotional, life-altering journey via podcast, this is the one! Pedro takes you by the hand and makes you see the world through the eyes of someone who struggles to communicate on a daily basis. You cannot help but to get sucked into his world of hardship, personal …


Excellent find! We came across your show and decided to give it a listen - very glad we did! The hosts are a breath of fresh air and a joy to listen to - the topics are interesting and bingeworthy. Keep up the great work <3 Yergy & Drewby


Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast

The Big D

Just listened to the Big D on Jan 1, 2020 my local time in the US. I took away a lot of helpful phrases that are always good to hear. One in particular was Pedro mentioning "help me, help you, help me help you etc....and so on" Very inspiring podcast and well performed! - Korey Niese

Absolutely Amazed

This channel is amazing. Pedro sheds light on real life situations, struggles and obstacles that many people who stutter have to encounter daily/ every time they speak. The guests show that we aren’t alone. Many people overlook people who stutter, or look down on them. Pedro changes that for anyone…

Great show!

After about 5 minutes I didn’t even notice the stuttering. Very educational and definitely worth a listen! I really enjoyed listening to stories from people in a different situation than my own! Great job and keep them coming!

Pedro Keep Talking 👍🏼

What a great show! Pedro is amazing! His passion for podcasting is obvious. The content he offers is so inspiring. Truly a gift and wow what an example of how social media can be a positive force in this world. Using the audio platform to get past his own struggles with communication, proving to …


Superb podcast , very entertaining on a subject that all should listen too. Covers a very a subject is that rarely discussed and helps many feel better about themselves in this area. Keep up the good work!!!!

Amazing show

Energetic and engaging host, great content, this is what podcasting is all about!

Amazing Host!

Pedro is such an amazing Host and allows a lot of his personality to show! He seems so fun and full of passion and it shows! Amazing job!

Sweet, Honest and INSPIRED

This review is long overdue! This podcast is the perfect short pick-me-up podcast. I can't say enough good things about the way Pedro can have you laughing and crying in the same episode (I'm talking about that darn episode you did about your doggies, I was crying like a lunatic in my car!!) It's s…

Great show, with a great host!

Pedro's show is not just for stutterers. It is an inspiring show, with a great perspective and outlook on life. Definitely worth listening too!

My Guy!!!

Pedro BRINGS IT!! I celebrate the passion and love the empathy you bring. Your energy is contagious. Keep it going!

A great, unique listen

My Stuttering Life shows that a stuttering life is one worth living. As someone who stutters, I enjoy Pedro’s perspective, optimism, and sense of humor about stuttering. He’s also a great storyteller

Pedro Pena lll

It is so brave of you my friend. You care so much about people and it’s genuine. Because of your care, you have performed the brave act as to allowing other to have confidence struggling with stuttering. I’m so very proud of you and I will always be in support of your endeavors and achievements. I …


Pedro is one amazing guy! What can I say always helping anyone out, kind, and a genuine person! Pedro keep up the great work!

My Stuttering Life

I’m so impressed by you, Pedro. You have taken something that is a daily challenge, and turned it into a help/support aid to others who also struggle with stuttering. Keep it up, and know you have my FULL SUPPORT in this endeavor.

Pedro's Super Power is LOVE! Listen & learn it!

Pedro never ceases to amaze me in his preparation, his focus and his potent, powerful prose! Pedro gives us more by recording his podcast and YouTube channel separately! Pedro's strength is love--it's pouring out him with every word and every response to every comment to his viewers/listeners! An…

Honest, Inspiring and So Needed!

Thank you so very much for sharing your life, your struggles and your amazing accomplishments. There are so many people out there that need to hear your special message, in the way only Pedro can deliver. You are helping many people, and I'm excited that as your media presence grows so will your au…

Love me some Pedro!!!

Oh my gosh. This guy is the Real McCoy! I felt energized and happy just listening to him. A must listen for anyone wanting to be lifted up, inspired, and happy. Want. More. Pedro!

We all have our challenges, Great job with fighting on!

Keep Going Pedro! This 3rd episode had a ton of energy within it! Do you record these in the morning, when you ahve more energy??? Just curious!!! Keep it up!