Pedro's Super Power is LOVE! Listen & learn it!

Pedro never ceases to amaze me in his preparation, his focus and his potent, powerful prose! Pedro gives us more by recording his podcast and YouTube channel separately! Pedro's strength is love--it's pouring out him with every word and every response to every comment to his viewers/listeners! Anybody can learn from Pedro---not just people who stutter. There is something here for people of all ages and walks of life. Sometimes we forget that we are all just human and we all want the same thing--to connect with other humans. Pedro reminds us of the fact that we all have a need to be loved & that we are ALL deserving of love and the things we want in life--we just have to go get them! Go say "I appreciate you" to him on social media! You are worth it! Love, Liberty V Justice

Honest, Inspiring and So Needed!

Thank you so very much for sharing your life, your struggles and your amazing accomplishments. There are so many people out there that need to hear your special message, in the way only Pedro can deliver. You are helping many people, and I'm excited that as your media presence grows so will your audiences - and the number oflives you've touched.

Love me some Pedro!!!

Oh my gosh. This guy is the Real McCoy! I felt energized and happy just listening to him. A must listen for anyone wanting to be lifted up, inspired, and happy. Want. More. Pedro!

We all have our challenges, Great job with fighting on!

Keep Going Pedro! This 3rd episode had a ton of energy within it! Do you record these in the morning, when you ahve more energy??? Just curious!!! Keep it up!